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Certified Professional Coach helping people create the life they really want to lead

Discovering the Power of Mindset Manifestation


Early in my career, I read "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill. He claimed we could manifest any of life's riches through our thoughts.

Having studied physics and math, I was skeptical. But my finances were such, I had nothing to lose. I set a goal of doubling my salary.

Hill's formula took me out of my comfort zone. I looked in the mirror daily to tell myself I'd already achieved my goal. Feelings of foolishness faded as the days passed.

The next week, a competitor started recruiting at a nearby hotel. Three weeks after reading his book, I was celebrating a new job. My salary just short of doubled. A 10% sales commission made up the difference.

My life transformed, the physicist in me asked, "how does this work?" So began my life-long study of the power of the human mind.

I've manifested riches through a successful executive career in startups. When life dealt setbacks, I emerged even happier.

I decided it was time to give back. So I've spent the last ten years developing an effective process - Mindset Manifestation.

I am living the life of my dreams. Have a beautiful wife and family. I help others create their dreams through coaching and training. And I run Illuumin8, a retreat center in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Conscious Manifestation Coach Eaton Center

I'm Kevin Conklin

I can coach you to manifest the future you desire.

We'll partner to expose and overcome the obstacles between you and your dreams.

You'll learn how harness the power of your thoughts to create your desired future through Mindset Manifestation.

I'm a Certified Coach, Meditation Instructor, and Reiki Master.



ICF Accredited Coach

IPEC Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner 

Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor

Usui Reiki Level III Practitioner

Tae Kwon Do 2nd Dan Blackbelt

25+ years of executive leadership

Manifestation Coach Eaton Center


"Kevin is an intuitive genius. He listens deeply, helps you see your true potential and then sets you off living it."

David Graf / Owner / Moeller graf, PC

"Kevin coached me to see the big picture and uncover the steps I needed to move my business forward."

Moritz Lambert / Executive Leadership Coach / Life By Design Academy

"Kevin helped me address a dilemma that was getting in the way of developing my business. I wouldn't have got there on my own"

Nigel Toon / Executive Advisor / Labor Relations

Life Coach Eaton Center

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