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    Kevin is an intuitive genius who navigates the world just beyond our consciousness. He listens deeply and helps you see your true unlimited potential and then set off to living it.

    David Graf, Moeller Graf, PC
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    You helped me realize that I deserve to be happy and needed change. Thank you for being such an amazing guide.

    Benedicte Ferrari-Clemenz, Head of Global Communications
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    Kevin coached me to seeing the big picture and uncovering the steps I needed to move my business forward.

    Moritz Lembert, Executive Coach
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    Thanks for all your help in preparing me to receive this promotion. I'm very grateful.

    Vytautus Paolovis, Sr SEO & International Growth Lead
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    Kevin helped me address a dilemma that was getting in the way of developing my business. I would have go there on my own.

    Nigel Toon, Executive Advisor, Labor Relations
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    Kevin had a great way of asking me questions that got me to think deeply about things in a way I hadn't done before. I was able to have greater awareness about blocks that were getting in the way of meeting my goals. I would highly recommend working with him.

    Heidi Seigel
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    Kevin is a calming presence in both our coaching community and in individual coaching with me. He's skilled at showing you what's behind your thoughts. Kevin has helped me tap into what is the most important to me and take steps to get there. He's held space for me when the work gets emotional or difficult and then gently pushes me forward. I'm grateful for the work we've done together!

    Amy Perez
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    When I first approached Kevin, I was experiencing feelings of anxiety and burnout. Over a couple of sessions, he helped me understand the core of my anxiety and what was driving me to overwork. I have had some real breakthroughs, Kevin also provided me with tools to that I maintain work-life balance and self-care. I'm back to working out, taking walks, lunch breaks, painting and importantly staying present, taking good long deep breaths.

    Dr. Lorraine Bassett
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    Kevin is a very wise man, deeply spiritual and intuitive. His casual demeanor will give way to a respectful intensity when needed to cut through excuses, indecision, or victim thinking. Kevin showed me some of my ingrained thought patterns that were keeping me from going where I wanted to go. He also helped me clarify my reasons for why I wanted to achieve certain things. Because of that, I was able to discard a few "fool's errands" that I thought I "should" do but didn't really have any intention of doing. It has made a tremendous difference. Working with Kevin has significantly changed my life for the better.

  • Testimonials
    • Great listener
    • Tied in conversations from each session
    • Positive - noting accomplishments
    • Encouraged accountability of Client
    • Curious/Challenging
    • Successful in allowing Client to achieve self-clarity (aha moments) and identify steps related to topic/issue discussed.
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    Kevin is a wonderful coach. He held space for me to make significant changes in my life and helped hold me accountable to my vision for the future when I wanted to settle for less.

    Katie Bogey
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    Kevin is an amazing coach. He really sees who you are and gently guides you to find your own answers. In the most generous and supportive way, he encourages you to move to action. You feel great after working with him. Your perspective totally changes in just an hour!

    Cathryn Noyes
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    Kevin is like a chiropractor for the soul. His deep listening style and insightful questions combined with just enough challenge, brought about new ways of thinking for me to consider. His smart chill vibe was just what I needed.

    Tanya Jones
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    Kevin is an exceptionally intuitive coach. Kevin's knowledge of how the brain works helped me draw out patterns of thinking and resulting behaviors that were holding me back. Working with Kevin helped me develop my self-knowledge, gain perspective and reach goals.

    Jennifer Koler